Introducing AZUD’s Air Assisted DLP Disc Filters

One of the latest developments here at Water Purification Solutions is the addition of 3D filtration to our range of services, having obtained access to our alliance partner AZUD's air assisted DLP disc filters.

Having access to AZUD’s air assisted DLP disc filters, we can now manufacture systems that perform in-depth 3D filtration, followed by automatic backwashing using a combination of water and compressed air.

The highly efficient AZUD Automatic FT200 AA disc filter can reduce the volume of backwashed water up to 80% compared to regular disc filtration.

Besides the volume of backwashed water, the frequency of backwashes is also a lot lower in comparison with regular disc filtration. This makes AZUD's disc filters more sustainable as it will use less water and energy.

Another major advantage is the minimal pressure required to perform the backwash, as the pressure is provided by the air supply.

The air assisted DLP disc filter is suitable for difficult water such as tertiary treated sewage effluent.

At Water Purification Solutions, we are fully qualified to equip you with these air assisted disc filters. Contact us if you would like to learn more about these filters.

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