Tailored Solutions for Sustainable Borehole Water Treatment

The scarcity of water in many communities across South Africa, a largely semi-arid country, highlights the importance of safe and sustainable groundwater usage.

Borehole Water Treatment
Borehole Water Treatment

We've helped many individuals and businesses across a wide range of industries manage their borehole water in a sustainable fashion by designing and installing custom water treatment systems to ensure that they get the most out of their boreholes.

Here are two cases that serve as outstanding examples of successful, sustainable borehole water treatment projects that we have completed:

De Grendel Wine Estate

De Grendel Water Treatment Solution

De Grendel, a wine farm in Plattekloof, Cape Town has blueberry orchards in addition to its vineyards on its estate. These orchards required a sustainable supply of high-quality water for irrigation purposes. To this end, we designed a complete water treatment system to purify the water from their existing borehole, making it suitable for irrigation and other applications such as potable water to be used in their cellar, restaurant, dairy, etc. Our solution also allowed them to use less municipal water on the farm.

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ACA Threads

ACA Water Treatment Solution

ACA Threads, a leading sewing thread manufacturer and supplier in Cape Town, needed their borehole water to be treated to be used in dyeing and other processes in their factory, as part of their commitment to use alternate water supply in their factory. We designed and installed a modular water treatment system to ensure that they have a reliable supply of high-quality potable water for these processes.

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If you are ever in need of a tailored water treatment solution for borehole water, WPS is available to provide expert assistance anywhere in South Africa. Contact us anytime to discuss your water-related challenges. We would be honoured to help out in any way we can!

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